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Order Your Toronto Flowers Online

To get the one-of-a-kind arrangement from The Flower Room that best fits your needs order a custom arrangement through the Eform below. Be sure to complete all the fields of the EForm, as it is important fr us to know the mood you wish to project. It is best to leave the colour choice up to us, but please let us know if there are any colours you don’t want!
Keep in mind flower availability changes with the seasons!


*For security reasons, we ask that you do not include your credit card expiration date on the email. Please call the store or send the expiry date in a separate email after you send your order form.


Minimum order for a bouquet is $50+delivery fee.

Online Order Form

Today’s date

Delivery is Available Monday to Saturday

Spending amount

Recipient name (first and last)

Recipient address street/number


Postal code

Description of flowers (See pull down menu)


Colours NOT to use

Enclosure card text

Your Name (first and last)

Your Phone with area code

Your Email

Credit card info – Please send expiry in a separate email for security reasons or call the store.

Please take a minute to read the small print.


Please make sure that someone is present at the delivery address to personally collect the product, especially in weather conditions of sub-zero temperatures. Charges may apply for additional deliveries.


You can order by phone or online.


Refunds & Exchanges

We do not offer refunds. Exchanges or store credit may be provided under certain circumstances. Please email or phone the shop for further details.  



Once the product leaves our shop, we are not responsible for damages caused by weather or pests. Some species of plants and flowers may have allergic or poisonous effects on pets and we recommend researching the product well before purchase.


Please protect the surface on which the vase or plant pot containing our product is placed as condensed moisture and water leaks from earthen and ceramic pots are natural.


Customer Queries

Please feel free to call us or write to us at if you have any questions or comments about our products.

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